Congratulations To The 2020-2021 Technical Committee

By Alexander Hughes on 22/06/2020

The Airship team is excited to announce the completion of its second Technical Committee election! The Technical Committee, one of the two governing bodies for Airship, is responsible for ensuring Airship projects adhere to the project's core principles, promote standardization, and define and organize the Airship versioning and release process.

The Airship Technical Committee is composed of five elected members, representing leaders from five different companies:

  • Alex Bailey, AT&T
  • Alexander Hughes, Accenture
  • Alexey Odinokov, Mirantis
  • Jan-Erik MÃ¥ngs, Ericsson
  • John (JT) Williams, Dell

We want to extend our congratulations to the new Technical Committee members and recognize the contributions of Andrew Leasck, James Gu, and Ryan van Wyk to the Airship Community through their roles on the Technical Committee last year. Governance by community-elected officials reflects Airship's continued dedication to the Four Opens. The Technical Committee is organizing its schedule for the upcoming year. Once finalized, the Technical Committee will share the meeting schedule for 2020-2021 on the Wiki, where previous meeting agendas and recordings are also available.

With the Technical Committee election wrapped up, the Airship community has now turned their attention to the Working Committee election. The Working Committee guides the project strategy, helps arbitrate when there is a disagreement between Core Reviewers within a single project or between Airship projects, defines the project core principles, performs marketing and communications, and finally helps provide product management and ecosystem support.

Nominations and elections for the Working Committee will take place next month. Anyone who has had changes merged to an Airship project within the last 12 months is qualified to run for the Working Committee. Airship project core reviewers will be eligible to vote on the nominees.

Please visit the Airship website for more information about how Airship can manage infrastructure deployments and lifecycle. There's a wealth of information about how to get started by using Airship in a Bottle, attending one of the weekly meetings, and getting involved with development.