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Airship Update - October 2019

What follows is the Airship Community Update for the month of October, 2019, brought to you by the Airship Technical Committee.

By Alexander Hughes on 2019-10-30

Airship Blog Series 5 - Drydock and Its Relationship to Cluster API

As part of the evolution of Airship 1.0, an enduring goal has remained supporting multiple provisioning backends beyond just bare metal. This includes those that can provision to third-party clouds and to other use cases like OpenStack VMs as well as enable you to bring your own infrastructure.

By Alan Meadows and Rodolfo Pacheco on 2019-10-22

Airship Blog Series 4 - Shipyard - an Evolution of the Front Door

Shipyard provides a frontend API within Airship environments that allow users to push their declared documents into sites and execute pre-defined Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs) against those declarations. DAG is a directed graph data structure for topological ordering. From an architectural perspective, this is what Shipyard looks like today and how it interacts with other Airship components:

By Alan Meadows and Rodolfo Pacheco on 2019-9-10

Airship Update - September 2019

Welcome to the Airship Community Update, a digest of the latest developments and activities across Airship projects, events, and users! One goal of the Airship Technical Committee is to help build community, and so we hope by keeping you informed of project milestones and news, we will make it easier for you to get involved when the time is right. If you wish to be removed from this distribution, please just respond as such.

By Ryan van Wyk on 2019-9-3

Airship at the Open Infrastructure Summit Shanghai in November

You can meet the Airship community at the upcoming Open Infrastructure Summit in Shanghai, November 4-6. The Airship community will join 30 other open source projects attending the Summit to collaborate in the open. If you want to be part of it too register now before prices increase on August 14 at 11:59pm PT.

By Chris Hoge on 2019-8-19

Airship Blog Series 3 - Airship 2.0 Architecture High Level

In order to achieve the goals of vanishing complexity, as well as broaden the variety of supported use cases for Airship 2.0, we shifted far more of the process to the left. We will accomplish this by introducing airshipctl. The airshipctl command line interface is really the heart of the Airship 2.0 platform. It places an emphasis on a thick client that is effectively able to speak to k8s in remote sites and natively understands Argo workflows to drive cluster life cycle management. This contrasts with Airship 1.0 which leveraged a Shipyard API in the remote site, which was a long-lived service and used many Airship specific projects instantiated in the site to accomplish the life cycle management of Airship documents, kubernetes, baremetal nodes, and helm charts.

By Alan Meadows and Rodolfo Pacheco on 2019-8-10

Congratulations To The Newly Elected Airship Technical Committee!

The Airship team is excited to announce the completion of its first Technical Committee election The Technical Committee, one of the two governing bodies for Airship, is responsible for ensuring Airship projects adhere to the project’s core principles, promote standardization, and define and organize the Airship versioning and release process.

By Chris Hoge on 2019-7-25

Airship Blog Series 2 - An Educated Evolution

Airship 1.0 dramatically improved the way we provision and manage the infrastructure. Navigating through the journey towards Airship 1.0 release, we have learned many lessons.

By Rodolfo Pacheco and Alan Meadows on 2019-7-11

Airship Blog Series 1 - Evolution Towards 2.0

Airship allows cloud operators to manage the entire lifecycle of sites, including their creation, minor updates, configuration changes, and major uplifts such as OpenStack upgrades. Airship accomplishes this using a unified, declarative, fully containerized, cloud native platform.

By Ryan van Wyk, Rodolfo Pacheco and Alan Meadows on 2019-6-12

Airship session recordings from the Open Infrastructure Summit Denver

Did you miss any Airship news or updates at the Open Infrastructure Summit?

We’ve got you covered.

With Airship’s exciting announcement of the availability of its 1.0 release at the Open Infrastructure Summit in Denver, Colorado on April 29, 2019, everyone was eager to hear more about the software features and how it’s used in production.

By Ashleigh Gregory on 2019-6-5

Elevating DevOps and Enabling 5G with Airship

Two years ago, AT&T Communications CEO John Donovan threw down the gauntlet to his Technology and Operations team – we were going to be first to launch mobile, standards-based 5G in 2018. Never mind that the standards for 5G weren’t even available yet. The team was up for the challenge and went to work. But it meant the infrastructure would have to be built in parallel with the network and radio functions. No silos. No walls. Many teams moving together with a single purpose. It was the only way to make our goal.

By Amy Wheelus on 2019-4-29

Airship featured at Open Infrastructure Summit Denver in April

The Airship project is taking flight at the the upcoming Open Infrastructure Summit in Denver, April 29 - May 1. Airship community members will join 30 other open source projects attending the Summit to collaborate on open infrastructure. If you want to be part of it too register now before prices increase on February 27.

By Chris Hoge on 2019-2-20