Airship was recently confirmed as a Top-Level Open Infrastructure Project supported by the OpenStack Foundation

Congratulations to the Community!


Airship in action

Whether you’re deploying an entire site, upgrading your services or just making a few minor changes, Airship gives you a single easy-to-use management gateway. Here are just a few examples of how Airship can help you manage the life cycle of your open infrastructure tools and underlying hardware.

Use Case Benefits
Traditional Cloud Workloads Leverage Airship to deploy both OpenStack-Helm and OpenStack-Helm Logging Monitoring and Alerting to create and manage a full production grade OpenStack environment.
CI/CD Environment Airship can provide a Kubernetes based containerized CI/CD environment (e.g. gerrit, jenkins, zuul) along with OpenStack VMs for test flexibility.
Region Controller Airship combined with containerized CI/CD and Artifactory deployments can support centralized management of a fleet of independent Airship installations.
Containerized Network Functions Provide a Kubernetes environment allowing tenants to create Containerized Network Functions directly on bare metal Kubernetes.
Generic Helm Workloads Deploy and manage the life cycle of a bare metal Kubernetes Cluster as well as any set of helm-based software on top, e.g. TensorFlow, Hadoop, ElasticSearch, Kafka.


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