Use Cases

Airship in action

Whether you’re deploying an entire site, upgrading your services or just making a few minor changes, Airship gives you a single easy-to-use management gateway. Here are just a few examples of how Airship can help you manage the life cycle of your open infrastructure tools and underlying hardware.

Use CaseBenefits
Traditional Cloud WorkloadsLeverage Airship to deploy Virtualized/Containered Network Functions, including Logging Monitoring and Alerting (LMA) capabilities to create and manage a full production-grade cloud platform environment.
CI/CD EnvironmentAirship can provide a Kubernetes based containerized CI/CD environment (e.g. gerrit, jenkins, zuul) along with pooled virtual machines (VMs) for test flexibility.
Region ControllerAirship combined with containerized CI/CD and Artifactory deployments can support centralized management of a fleet of independent Airship installations.
Containerized Network FunctionsProvide a Kubernetes environment allowing tenants to create Containerized Network Functions directly on bare metal Kubernetes.
Generic Helm WorkloadsDeploy and manage the life cycle of a bare metal Kubernetes Cluster as well as any set of helm-based software on top, e.g. TensorFlow, Hadoop, ElasticSearch, Kafka.

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