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Airship is a global open source community independently governed at the Open Infrastructure Foundation. Our ethos is user-driven and our culture is welcoming and respectful. We invite you to try out Airship, provide your feedback and get involved in contributing to the code.

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Airship - Project Update at the Denver Open Infrastructure Summit, April 2019

Airskiff: Your On-Ramp to Airship Development, April 2019

Bare Metal Provisioning in Airship, April 2019

The Future of Kubernetes Workflows for Open Infrastructure, April 2019

In Elevate your Infrastructure using Airship, Matt McEuen provides an overview of Airship and how to deploy a local production environment.

In Elevating DevOps and Enabling 5G with Airship, Amy Wheelus provides an overview on how within AT&T, Airship has allowed them to provide operations with a single work flow for all changes within the Network Cloud.

More to Learn

Airship – Project Update at the Berlin Open Infrastructure Summit, November 2018

Airship-Deckhand: realizing configuration management reliably and predictably, November 2018

Airship: making lifecycle management for open infrastructure repeatable and predictable, May 2018


Community documentation and other resources are available at

Standing Meetings

The Airship community has a very active schedule of regular meetings. Details are available here.



The Airship project is governed according to the “four opens”:

  • Open Source
  • Open Design
  • Open Development
  • Open Community

Technical decisions will be made by technical contributors and a representative technical leadership committee. The community is committed to diversity, openness, encouraging new contributors and leaders to rise up.

Code of Conduct

Our community follows the Open Infrastructure Foundation Code of Conduct.