Airship featured at Open Infrastructure Summit Denver in April

By Chris Hoge on 20/02/2019

The Airship project is taking flight at the the upcoming Open Infrastructure Summit in Denver, April 29 - May 1. Airship community members will join 30 other open source projects attending the Summit to collaborate on open infrastructure. If you want to be part of it too register now before prices increase on February 27.

For 2019, the Summit has expanded and rebranded from the OpenStack Summit to the Open Infrastructure Summit, reflecting the large number of open source tools used to automate modern infrastructure and the challenges of integrating them. The agenda for the event is now live and features more than 9 Airship talks. Congratulations to all of the presenters!

View the agenda for the Open Infrastructure Summit Denver.

The Summit agenda is organized into 11 tracks: AI/ML/HPC; container infrastructure; CI/CD; edge computing; getting started; open development; private and hybrid cloud; public cloud; security; telecom and NFV; and hands-on workshops.

The Airship team will be delivering project updates and an onboarding session. Additional sessions featuring Airship also include:

  • Lessons Learned running Open Infrastructure on Baremetal Kubernetes Clusters in Production. (Alan Meadows, Pete Birley)
  • The future of Kubernetes workflows for open infrastructure. (Pete Birley, Alan Meadows, Steven Wilkerson)
  • Akraino BoF Session. (Tapio Tallgren, Gnanavelkandan Kathirvel, Tina Tsou, Sukhdev Kapur, Balaji Ethirajulu)
  • Bare metal provisioning in Airship, or "Ironic: it's not just for OpenStack anymore" (Michael Beaver, Pavlo Shchelokovskyy)
  • Airskiff: Your on-ramp to Airship development. (Matt McEuen, Drew Walters)
  • Choosing the containerized cloud provisioning tool that best suits your need. (Smruti Soumitra, Khuntia Pradeep, Kumar K.S.)
  • Deploying OpenStack - what options do we have? (Maciej Kucia, Maciej Siczek)
  • Two+ years and still going strong: Edge Computing Working Group Update. (Beth Cohen, Ian Wells, Gergely Csatari, Ildiko Vancsa, Christopher Price)
  • Securing your cluster network using Calico and OpenStack Helm Infra. (Nishant Kumar, Meghan Heisler)

The Airship community will also participate in collaborative sessions offered at the Forum, where open infrastructure operators and upstream developers will gather to jointly chart the long-term future of open source projects.

Additionally, the Airship community will be at the Project Teams Gathering (PTG), an event co-located with with the Denver Summit at the end of the week. The PTG offers dedicated meeting space for technical communities to have focused project-specific hack time together in person and also to collaborate with adjacent open source communities.

Headline sponsors for the Denver Summit are Canonical, Deutsche Telekom and Intel. Sponsorships are available until April 3. Contact the Summit team with any questions.