Airship session recordings from the Open Infrastructure Summit Denver

By Ashleigh Gregory on 05/06/2019

Did you miss any Airship news or updates at the Open Infrastructure Summit?

We’ve got you covered.

With Airship’s exciting announcement of the availability of its 1.0 release at the Open Infrastructure Summit in Denver, Colorado on April 29, 2019, everyone was eager to hear more about the software features and how it’s used in production.

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To catch up, check out their sessions below:

5G built on Open Infrastructure

To hear about AT&T’s 5G Evolved Packet Core running on Network Cloud which is deployed and managed by Airship, be sure to watch this keynote.

Video Recording

Airship - Project Update

Airship’s 1.0 release announcement signifies they are now enterprise ready. To find out what this means, and to see what else is new, here are your updates.

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Virtualized RAN Deployment on Airship based Containerized Cloud

With the relatively new introduction of 5G networks, naturally, service providers have had some challenges to overcome. But they’ve also come into some new business opportunities. For an overview of vRAN components in relationship to the 5G architecture, key infrastructure deployments, the role of OpenStack, Kubernetes, Akraino, ONAP etc. for deploying vRan at edge locations, security, reliability and scaling requirements of vRAN, and more, this session has you covered.

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Bare metal provisioning in Airship, or "Ironic: it's not just for OpenStack anymore"

For a discussion on the reasoning behind the integration of Ironic (OpenStack’s bare metal provisioning service) into Airship and the issues run into along the way, give this session a watch.

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Airskiff: Your on-ramp to Airship development

It can often be difficult to get started with something new. As a developer or operator, if you’re quickly looking to learn how to get started with testing software workloads and deploying your own code changes using Airship, all while providing flexibility and resiliency, look no further.

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