Airship User Survey Report

By Sunny Cai on 04/01/2022


Since the launch of the Airship User Survey in May 2020, ten organizations have completed it, spanning industries such as telecommunications, Information Technology, Academic / Research, Government / Defense, and Retail / Ecommerce. Of those organizations, half are running Airship in production, while 30% are actively evaluating Airship and 20% are considering it.

When asked what kind of workloads respondents were interested in, 10% selected Kubernetes workloads only, 20% selected VM workloads on OpenStack-helm only and the remaining 70% selected both.

Organizations who completed the Airship User Survey include ServerAnt, Havelsan and SK Telecom. Additional organizations have requested to remain anonymous.

Here are a few reasons respondents shared when asked which features of Airship affected their choice to use/consider/evaluate Airship:

  • Easy package deployment of OpenStack-Helm, Kubernetes and MaaS, ensuring dependencies are checked and work. We have already deployed OpenStack-Helm on Kubernetes with MaaS and had many dependency issues when testing out different kubernetes distributions such as RKE2 (docker vs containerd) and k8s v1.20 vs 1.18 issues
  • Automation for NFV
  • Manifests are based on kustomize, has pipelines, potentially extendable for needs without code modification
  • Benefits of both deploying Kubernetes and OpenStack together because we will deploy 5G core network on it
  • My company has only been using a part of Airship v1.0. What I like the most is Airship's choice of architecture and toolsets, especially for v2.0. It reflects the most innovative technology to realize cloud native infrastructure, but with very deeply considered architecture for real use case
  • Ease of maintenance and management
  • Integration with OpenStack; CNCF support

The NPS score of the Airship project is 50. Some of the reasons provided included:

  • (8) Airship 2 is really unique - it uses metal3/clusterApi that makes k8s deployment really easy. and at the same time can be used for day 2 to manage workloads. And what is very important - it's open source!
  • (9) Airship is a complete solution for cloud infrastructure.
  • (9) Easy to deploy, update and it is the future.

If you're running, testing, or evaluating Airship, please
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