Airship Update - January 2021

By Alexander Hughes on 19/01/2021

What follows is the Airship Community Update for January 2021, brought to you by the Airship Technical Committee.


The Airship blog is a great way to keep up with what's going on in the community. The Airship community publishes blog posts regularly, including the Airship 2.0 Blog series. These blog posts introduce the changes from Airship 1.0 to Airship 2.0, highlight new features, and detail each component's evolution. The recommended reading order for these blogs is listed below. It begins with the lessons learned on the road to Alpha, to address the changes made from the original blog series 1-6.

Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts as Airship 2.0 progresses through release!


kubernetes certified

Airship 2.0 has been designated as a Certified Kubernetes Distribution through the Cloud Native Computing Foundation's Software Conformance Program, guaranteeing that Airship provides a consistent installation of Kubernetes, supports the latest Kubernetes versions, and provides a portable cloud-native environment with other Certified Platforms.

This will appeal to users of Airship for a number of reasons, including:

  • Consistency - a Certified Kubernetes product guarantees that the complete Kubernetes API functions as specified, so users can rely on a seamless, stable experience with any installation of Kubernetes.
  • Timely Updates - to remain certified, Airship will need to provide the latest version of Kubernetes yearly (or more frequently), so you can be sure that you'll always have access to the latest features.
  • Confirmability - any end user can confirm Airship remains conformant by running Sonobuoy.


Are you evaluating Airship or using Airship in production? We want to learn from your experience! Take the Airship User Survey; the Working and Technical Committees review each response and helps us grow and mature Airship. Take the Airship User Survey today to be included in the next round of analysis.


The progress shown below is for airshipctl, the new Airship 2.0 client.

Last month, airshipctl saw the following activity:

  • 17 authors
  • 36 commits
  • 245 files changed
  • 10,620 additions
  • 2,988 deletions
  • 14 closed issues
  • 4 new issues

This activity is contributing to the General Availability (GA) milestone. Below is the overall status of the GA milestone, which does not include the breakdown of already completed Alpha and Beta milestones:

ga status january 2021


This page lists everything you need to know to get involved and start contributing.

Alexander Hughes, on behalf of the Airship Technical Committee