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Airship Update - November 2019

By Alexander Hughes on 08/12/2019

What follows is the Airship Community Update for the month of November, 2019, brought to you by the Airship Technical Committee.


  • The Airship community was at the Open Infrastructure Summit in Shanghai, China with 5 talks recorded and available to review on the OpenStack Foundation YouTube channel at
  • Airship PTG at Shanghai Summit attended by more than a dozen developers and operators. Catch up on the agenda and discussions here -
  • Airship Technical Gathering at KubeCon: 20+ developers from Airship community discussed miscellaneous technical topics in KubeCon.
  • Airship was represented in OSF Booth at KubeCon. The Airship community promoted Airship project to audience and visitors.
  • Congratulations to the Airship community for making significant progress in Airship 2.0. 21% of planned work was completed, another 22% is in progress and/or in review. The community is looking for more developers to contribute code.


More than 20 developers from Airship community gathered in KubeCon and discussed various technical topics, including:

  • Clarifications of 3rd-party CI using Gerrit streams and Jenkins
  • RAID configuration
  • Bare metal testing for Airship 2.0
  • Spyglass in Airship 2.0
  • Authentication in Airship 2.0
  • How to migrate a MAAS-provisioned site to an Metal3/Ironic-provisioned site
  • Investigation of specification in Airship 2.0
  • Airship 2.0 layering approach, and
  • Demonstration of an automated testing of OPNFV CNTT Pods using Airship 1.0.

airship tech gathering kubecon 201911


Airship was also represented in OpenStack Foundation Booth of KubeCon. The Airship community promoted Airship project to audience and visitors.

airship booth kubecon 201911


Airship has exited the pilot phase and has been confirmed by the OpenStack Foundation as an top-level project. Thank you to all community members for your efforts over the last 2 years that have led to this significant milestone.

If you are looking for more detailed information on the status of specific components or features, you can now check the initial Airship Project Status Report. For changes, we use the Airship Jira as our single source of truth, and the Airship Project Status Report will be updated automatically when Jira is updated.

status by issue 201911

status by company 201911

These are initial reports, and the community is working on more. Let us know what reports you'd find helpful! Your involvement and contribution helps the Airship community go further.


This page lists everything you need to know to get involved and start contributing.

If you have any news related to Airship, for example, if your organization has started to use it or contribute to it, please share that with the Airship community mailing list as well.

We want to hear from you!

Airship Technical Committee