Airship Update - February 2020

By Alexander Hughes on 12/02/2020

What follows is the Airship Community Update for the month of February 2020, brought to you by the Airship Technical Committee.


  • The Airship Technical and Working Committees each had special elections in January. We welcome:

  • Airship's year in review was featured in the OpenStack Foundation Annual Report. For more information see this blog post.


The Airship blog is a great way to keep up with what's going on in the community. The Airship community publishes blog posts regularly, including the recent Airship 2.0 Blog series. These blog posts introduce the changes from Airship 1.0 to Airship 2.0, highlight new features, and detail the evolution of each component. The first six Airship 2.0 Blog posts are already available:

UPDATE 03-August-2020: Airship 2.0 development spans multiple milestones. Upon completing the first major milestone, Alpha, the community took some time to reflect on lessons learned and how they impacted the direction and design of Airship 2.0. We have summarized these lessons learned and how the design has changed over time - including using different technologies and approaches. You can read more about these changes here: Airship 2.0 is Alpha - Lessons Learned. We recommend reviewing these changes before reading blogs marked as "Pre-Alpha."


Recently Ryan van Wyk narrated a great, short, video discussing Airship - and the evolution to Airship2. It's a must see for anyone interested in Airship:

airship2 video thumbnail " target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer"> airship2 video thumbnail


The Airship Community is embracing GitHub Issues for tracking Airship scope. Among the many benefits of GitHub Issues are:

  • Anyone can create issues.
  • Ease of communication between community members on issues.
  • Intuitive labels allowing contributors to find specific categories of issues easily such as:

    • "Good first issue" for new contributors to Airship 2.0.
    • "component/<componentName>" for developers looking to work on specific components such as the config module.


To date 43 issues have been created, and 9 of them have been completed already. Join us each week on the Airship Flight Plan call to groom and discuss issues that the community is working on.

The call is on Wednesdays, from 16:00-17:00 UTC on WebEx and the agenda/notes can be found in the etherpad.

Note that the Jira Board will be retired as part of this migration, and that the relevant Jira issues have been migrated to GitHub Issues.


This page lists everything you need to know to get involved and start contributing.

Alexander Hughes, on behalf of the Airship Technical Committee