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Airship 2.0 is Alpha - Lessons Learned

In our last Airship v2.0 evolution post, we promised we would dive into the evolution of how we will do cluster deployment in a Kubernetes-native way. Before we go into that explanation, we want to…

By Alan Meadows and Rodolfo Pacheco on 03/08/2020

Airship Blog Series 6 - Armada Growing Pains

Helm, the Kubernetes package manager, defined a mechanism to define and deploy a set of Kubernetes artifacts and their dependencies as a chart. The Helm CLI tool really targeted operators wishing to…

By Alan Meadows and Rodolfo Pacheco on 30/01/2020

Airship Blog Series 5 - Drydock and Its Relationship to Cluster API

As part of the evolution of Airship 1.0, an enduring goal has remained supporting multiple provisioning backends beyond just bare metal. This includes those that can provision to third-party clouds…

By Alan Meadows and Rodolfo Pacheco on 22/10/2019

Airship Blog Series 4 - Shipyard - an Evolution of the Front Door

Shipyard provides a frontend API within Airship environments that allow users to push their declared documents into sites and execute pre-defined Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs) against those…

By Alan Meadows and Rodolfo Pacheco on 10/09/2019

Airship Blog Series 3 - Airship 2.0 Architecture High Level

In order to achieve the goals of vanishing complexity, as well as broaden the variety of supported use cases for Airship 2.0, we shifted far more of the process to the left. We will accomplish this by…

By Alan Meadows and Rodolfo Pacheco on 10/08/2019