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Airship 2 - Released!

Airship 2.0 is here! Airship 2 ties together the best-in-class Cloud Native projects to create a fully declarative lifecycle management system for infrastructure and software delivery. We are pleased…

By Rodolfo Pacheco, Alan Meadows, Matt McEuen, Pete Birley on 16/04/2021

Airship 2020 Annual Report

Since Airship was announced as an OpenStack Foundation pilot project at the 2018 OpenStack Summit in Vancouver, it has provided operators with a unified, fully-declarative, versatile platform that…

By Drew Walters on 28/01/2021

Airship 2.0 is Alpha - Lessons Learned

In our last Airship v2.0 evolution post, we promised we would dive into the evolution of how we will do cluster deployment in a Kubernetes-native way. Before we go into that explanation, we want to…

By Alan Meadows and Rodolfo Pacheco on 03/08/2020

Pre-Alpha Airship Blog Series 6 - Armada Growing Pains

UPDATE 03-August-2020: Airship 2.0 development spans multiple milestones. Upon completing the first major milestone, Alpha, the community took some time to reflect on lessons learned and how they…

By Alan Meadows and Rodolfo Pacheco on 30/01/2020

A year in review: getting confirmed and looking ahead to 2.0

established incredible momentum in 2019, including confirmation by the OSF as a top-level project in October, a crucial stage of Airship’s maturity. The confirmation as a top-level project signifies…

By Alexander Hughes on 28/01/2020